Edgemill has continued its success with winning more accolades at the 2018 China Wine & Spirits Awards.

Our Arktika Vodka has been officially named VODKA OF THE YEAR which is such a fantastic achievement for its competitive category. Edgemill is very honoured to be given such an award and this has once again proven that an Australian company can do great things not only within Australia but internationally.

Below is the full list of awards we have received for our products in the 2018 China Wine & Spirits Awards:


  • Arktika Vodka – Trophy & VODKA OF THE YEAR
  • Begin Gin – Double Gold Medal
  • Gleneffer Scotch Whisky – Gold Medal
  • Zeus Oyzo – Silver Medal


  • Matilda’s Ghost Chardonnay – Double Gold Medal
  • Lightning Creek Moscato – Gold Medal
  • Rare Penny Shiraz – Gold Medal
  • Rare Penny Cabernet Merlot – Gold Medal
  • Rare Penny Chardonnay – Gold Medal
  • Lightning Creek Merlot – Silver Medal
  • Rare Penny Cabernet Sauvignon – Silver Medal
  • Matilda’s Ghost Shiraz – Bronze Medal