Zeus Oyzo

Legend has it that Oyzo was the nectar of the Gods which gifted courage and strength to those who consumed it. Distinguished by its unique taste, Zeus Oyzo is an authentic Greek spirit created by the Stavrakoulis family using a traditional recipe passed down through generations.

Zeus is perfect for those looking for an authentic Greek style Oyzo that will delight the palate with its typical liquorice like flavours.




700ml (also available in 50ml)


Clear Liquid


The aroma is sweet anise with prominent and well defined liquorice-like flavours.


Pleasant anise and liquorice taste with a hint of cardamon finish. The finish is typically sweet, mellow, and clean.

NOTE: When mixed with water, ouzo turns milky white with a slightly blue tint


Silver Medal
2018 China Wine & Spirits Awards

Silver Medal-2018 China Wine & Spirits Awards

Previous Award:

Gold Medal
2017 China Wine & Spirits Awards
Silver Medal
2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition