About Us


Who we are

The Edgemill Group is a family owned business with over forty years of experience in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

Our longevity is due to our innovative approach and focus on research and development to ensure our products are of the highest quality and correctly tailored to the relevant market.

Our facilities

At Edgemill Group we know that producing, bottling, and delivering the perfect product hinges on our ability to respond to growing demand and the ever-changing landscape of the liquor industry. With a warehouse, Cellar Door and the recent addition of a second state-of-the-art bottling line – our facility in Laverton, Victoria, is home to the people, processes, technology and innovation we need to meet those demands today and tomorrow!

Our History

Our story began way back in 1961 when Steve and Roula Stavrakoulis emigrated from Greece with little more than a handful of broken English words and a few pounds to their name. With a dream, hard work and his young children Alex and Penny in tow, Steve transformed a humble milk bar into a news agency, post office, mini-mart, and the drive-in bottle shop known as Tottenham Cellars. By 1987, it was clear that a 15-year-old Alex shared the same dreams as his father – the apprenticeship had begun. And his rise in the liquor industry was swift…

In 1989, he took the reigns at Tottenham Cellars and quickly built a reputation for his traditional customer service and astute knowledge of the liquor industry. By 1996, Alex had created the wholesale wine and spirit business, Alexander’s Wine and Spirits – a venture that, like his fathers, started in a single room but grew to flourish in its own right.

Today, that very business is known as the Edgemill Group – a global multi-beverage wholesaler, retailer and distributor, with a proud family history. Read more

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Our Vision

To be a self-sufficient provider of affordable, premium quality beverages to the world.

Our Mission

Edgemill Group is an innovative, family company in the global multi-beverage industry, providing profitable, quality products to our stakeholders. Our loyal people will drive our success as market leaders in a fun and creative way.

Our Values

  • Team Work – Respectful collaboration to reach a common goal
  • Loyalty – Honest and transparent with our stakeholders
  • Integrity – Being trustworthy and honourable
  • Continuous Improvement – Doing better today than what we did yesterday
  • Accountability – Taking ownership of your work tasks
  • Communication – Sharing information to deliver a no surprise culture
  • Positive Passion – Hearts and minds at work with positive intent