Bond Seven Whisky Blend

The name ‘Bond Seven’ derives from the whiskeys method of creation, ‘Bottled in Bond’ and the warehouse it was contained in during the aging process. ‘Bottled in Bond’ is a name given to spirits that had been aged and bottled according to a set of spirit regulations put in place to assure quality. Bond Seven was originally made and bottled in the 7th warehouse.




700ml (also available in 150ml)


Deep amber colour


Light, sweet, and slightly grainy with some roast malt in the background. Contains some slightly charred woody notes


Full bodied. Contains malt (Smokey), honey, and tasty spices on palate. Also has a lengthy soft vanilla finish with a final hint of peat/caramel and plenty of heat. There is also a lingering malty/smokey aftertaste


Platinum Award
2021 SIP Awards
Silver Medal
2021 International Spirits Challenge

Previous Awards:

Double Gold Medal
2020 China Wine & Spirits Awards (Best Value)
Silver Medal
2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition