Arktika Hazelnut

Flavoured Vodka

The Arctic has always been a place of mystery and fascination. A place where one can experience incredible beauty in the most extreme environment. For centuries man has attempted to conquer this inhospitable place, risking their lives to explore the Arctic circle.

In this bitterly cold and isolated environment explorers would rely on small tokens to help them pass the time during the long journeys through the ice covered waters. Amongst the obvious provisions there would always be room for a bottle or two of Vodka. With its smooth taste it provided an uplifting and heartwarming escape from the cold. Vodka was a way of keeping up morale during times when human endurance was challenged.




700ml, 50ml


Triple distilled and charcoal filtered


Amber Liquid


Intense aromas of hazelnut with hints of almonds and marzipan


Very smooth and rich on the palate. Syrupy and sweet with hints of vanilla as well as cocoa powder and a slight spicy note on the end.


Rich and creamy mouthfeel, followed by a short, sweet finish